Bucharest, Arthur Verona street
Rubin, Mayer, Doru & Trandafir s.p.a.

880 sq.m., D+P+1+M


Graphic Industrial

Proiect Graphic Industrial – premiul Anualei de Arhitectura Bucuresti 2019 – sectiunea arhitectura, conversie si restaurare

a project by graphic industrial

Turning a former café into a law office – this is an excellent opportunity to restore this house. The location is special with exceptional visibility. Special attention has been paid to outdoor lighting. Rich volumetry is highlighted by fine tones of color with minor contrasts. Inside, the ground floor and the floor were dressed in wallpaper and the furniture and lamps were carefully selected from antique shops. The old kitchen located in the basement has been transformed into a series of staff spaces: relaxation room, archive, technical spaces. The attic groups the secondary services around a lobby with a skylight.

Remus Harsan