House in Pucioasa

Pucioasa, Dambovita county
320 sq.m.
Individual house
architecture - graphic industrial
structure - DCTS
installations - MCGC
Graphic Industrial

The flat land is located on a dead end street at the base of a hill.
The main purpose of the L-shaped composition is to create an intimate courtyard to which most of the spaces located mainly on the ground floor open: living room, kitchen, covered terrace, bedrooms. The notable exception is the guest bedroom located on the first floor with its own bathroom and staircase, but even this one has a window that allows a view of the courtyard and allows direct sunlight from the south and west. This arrangement allows a vertical volumetric game: on the one hand, the highest volume is the one that contains the partial floor, while the more important functions – the master bedroom and the living room – are higher in relation to the central body. These height variations are also perceptible from the inside. The secondary functions were generally grouped towards the outside: the garage for 2 cars, the technical spaces, bathroom, dressing room, the access staircase to the basement where a wine and food cellar was provided. The covered terrace has a privileged position, between the two sides of the house and is separated by glass panels: to the kitchen, with which it communicates through sliding doors, to the main hall and to the hallway leading to the living room; this gives a certain transparency and a visual openness in several directions, especially through double or even triple orientation. The layout of the open kitchen spatially expands the living area.
Land area: 900 sq m
Built area: 240 sqm
Opened area: 320 sq m