Block on Rasuri street

Private client

600 sqm D+P+3

collective housing

Premiul Anualei de Arhitectura Bucuresti 2019 – sectiunea arhitectura locuintelor colective

Graphic Industrial

Corner architecture has always been a pretext to experience forms, accents, and landmarks. There is always a dilemma if the place on the corner is to be marked or ventilated. After all, the building was positioned exactly on the corner of the corner and separated from the immediate neighborhoods that have an undefined and parasitic architecture.

The building, comprising four apartments and a small headquarters, is located at an intersection near Gemeni Square, in a poorer but quiet neighborhood and with a diverse, unitary architecture only through the staircase, with some exceptions.

The shape of the land generated, as usual in Bucharest, an architecture that attempts to get stuck on boundaries, to mark its ‘favored’ position, but also to realize the surrounding houses. It resulted in a frant with minimal function solving, but with a seemingly complicated volumetry. In fact, just the composition looks messy, indoors the levels are repetitive.